Oncology denies Mickoski’s accusations as unfounded: This is not a new discovery or a scandal


The same documentation has been fully submitted to the Inquiry Commission, according to the reaction of the Radiotherapy and Oncology Clinic-Skopje to the allegations made by the leader of VMRO-DPMNE at a press conference on Thursday, the Oncology Clinic said Friday.

“Regarding the specific allegations, we would like to reject the allegations in their entirety. First, regarding the untimely supply of drugs and the allegations that negative references were deliberately not given to the supply companies, the facts are as follows. The clinic withdraws quantities of medications from the suppliers, mostly on a monthly basis. Due to increased needs and new patients, it often happens that they run out faster and they are used up earlier than planned. In those cases, suppliers need time to deliver new quantities. This cannot be the subject of a negative reference. An additional reason for certain drugs is a global or regional shortage, which is a frequent occurrence during and after the pandemic,” reads the press release issued by the Radiotherapy and Oncology Clinic – Skopje.

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