There’ll be no wage increase for officials in 2024 Budget, claims Bytyqi


The 2024 Budget that is being finalized will not include funds for higher wages of elected and appointed officials, said Deputy PM for Economic Affairs Fatmir Bytyqi on Friday.

The deputy PM said the Government would take the decision, not leaving it up to officials to give up on the projected 10-percent rise.

According to Bytyqi, a systemic solution regarding the wage methodology would soon be available, adding that the General Collective Agreement clearly stated what employees should expect in 2024 and 2025.

“In 2025, an entirely new wage methodology will take stage, according to which wages in the public sector will be calculated in the same way as it is done for elected and appointed officials. Of course, collective agreements by sectors are also signed but they cannot violate the principles of the General Collective Agreement,” said Bytyqi.


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