Chomovski: Russian tycoons control lead, zinc and copper in Macedonia


It is unfortunate that in Macedonia no one talks about the important economic performance, said Aleksandar Chomovski, a long-time and renowned journalist on Kanal 5 TV’s “Just Interview” political show, alluding to the fact that our country is small and should use all the potential that it has disposition.

In conditions where all mineral wealth has been given to Russian tycoons, Chomovski jokingly says “why don’t our politicians come out and say that there is no need for mining, so in Macedonia we will live in a rural ecological oasis”.

“Macedonia is a small country, both Macedonia and Albania, but Albania has potential, Albania has seas, now it will probably have oil and gas. What does Macedonia have? Why don’t our politicians come out and say, look, there is no need for mining and gold, we will live in a rural ecological oasis, in conditions where all the mineral wealth of Macedonia has been given to Russian tycoons,” said Chomovski.

“At this moment, the Russian tycoons through Bulgaria or through some Macedonian branch offices control the lead, zinc and copper,” says Chomovski and wonders why is no one bothered by it. He states that there is a need for mines in Macedonia, of course with standards, according to legal regulations.


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