Finance Ministry: Deadline for buying civil second issue bonds ends today


The Macedonian Ministry of Finance (MF) informs that it published the prospectus for the second issue of Civil Bonds on October 18 in the amount of 10 million euros. Citizens have the opportunity to pay funds for registration of civil bonds today, while the auction will be held tomorrow, after which the registration process in the Central Securities Depository will begin.

“Citizens who sign civil bonds for their investment will receive an interest of 5 percent per year, that is, for two years, a total of 10% of the invested amount. The payment of the first coupon will be made on November 14, 2024, while the second coupon, i.e. the interest for the second year, on November 14, 2025, simultaneously with the payment of the invested funds. A minimum of MKD 10,000 can be invested with one bond,” reads the press release by the Ministry of Finance.

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