Marichikj doesn’t see the EC Report as negative: Macedonia makes progress in 80 percent of chapters, no setbacks notes


The Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Bojan Marichikj does not view the report of the European Commission as negative for Macedonia. According to him, there is progress in 80 percent of the chapters.

“The Commission provides an objective cross-section of progress but also of weaknesses. An important message emerges, we have progressed in 80 percent of the chapters, and no regression has been noted. The rating is a good level in 2023 and has been a solid constant for several years now. In the section of the Fundamental Values cluster, it is noted that the state delivers results,” said Marichikj.

According to the Deputy PM, the Growth Plan is positive, which foresees the transfer of funds to countries that are negotiating, but are not yet members of the European Union.

“We welcome the Growth Plan. We as a country asked the EU to be able to use the benefits even before we became members. Our and the EU’s common goal is to make the first transfer of funds to Macedonia and the Western Balkans by April 2024. This means that if we speed up, we can have the first transfer in 5 months from now,” said Marichikj, and added that the opposition is obstructing the country’s European path.

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