Mijalkov’s property for sale – three apartments and one garage worth over EUR 330 thousand


The Agency for Management of Forfeited Property informs that four real estate belonging to Sasho Mijalkov, which were confiscated by a final judgment, were put up for sale Thursday, with which 330,350 euros will flow into the budget.

In accordance with our previous announcement, we inform the public that with today’s announcement for the sale of 4 (four) real estates by the Agency for the Management of Forfeited Property, and with a previously adopted Decision by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, the return of funds continues in the state budget from the confiscated property of the former UBK chief Sasho Mijalkov. The property in question is three apartments located on Slavejko Arsov Street, one of 78m2, two of 73m2 and one garage of 30m2 at KO Centar 2, confiscated by final judgment I KOK-PP. no. 283/2022 from the Basic criminal court Skopje.

With the sale of these four real estates, funds in the amount of MKD 20,316,663 or EUR 330,350 will be paid into the state budget, the Agency informed.

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