Sanctions for four legal entities and two natural persons for the hazardous waste in Orman, says State Environmental Inspectorate


Sanctions for four legal entities and two natural persons were announced Thursday by the State Environmental Inspectorate regarding the waste near the village of Orman.

Inspectorate director Sreten Stojkovski informed at a press conference that an appropriate sanctioning procedure will follow for the several legal violations committed, that is, for endangering the environment and nature with waste.

Although there is a mutual agreement between Recycle Eco-start and the owners of the plots located on a private property in Orman, waste originating from the legal entity Recycle Eco-start was improperly transported and stored, in a location that is not intended for the storage of such waste, i.e. he did not receive a permit from the Ministry of Education and Culture, which is punishable by law,” said Stojkovski.

Last month, an inspector from the Municipality of Gjorche Petrov determined that 600 tons of hazardous waste from batteries were found on a private lot in the village of Orman, which the citizens say has been here for six months.

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