Mexhiti is the fourth Health Minister with zero corrective measures in the Prilep hospital – incompetence costs lives


On the day when the case of the newborn from Prilep becomes public, the director of the Prilep hospital, Keti Smileska, organizes a party forum on social media that talks about the care for the anomalies in the hospital, the VMRO-DPMNE Health Commission posted on its official Facebook page on Monday.

“They say that on several occasions they raised the alarm about the condition of the hospital, but the authorities remain silent. We ask: Is it true that the newborn who died arrived in Skopje without a transport incubator; how the duties are organized; is it true that one pediatrician is on duty in two departments; is it true that general doctors and specialists in orthopedics and surgery are on duty; is it true that with the director’s permission, pediatricians are on duty in Bitola and have 15 or more shifts per month,” the Commission said in a Facebook post.

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