Osmani: Gruevski’s extradition a question for judicial bodies, not in country’s interest to have a PM living in exile


Foreign Affairs Minister BujarOsmani said Thursday the extradition of former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski is a question for the judicial bodies, but the position remains that the former PM should be in North Macedonia and face justice in the country, because it isn’t in the interest of any country to have a prime minister living in exile.

“The issue of the extradition of the former prime minister is not a matter of foreign political communication, but is the matter of the judicial authorities and the ministries of justice who communicate in that part. I remain of the opinion that the former prime minister should be in North Macedonia and face justice here, because it is not in the interest of any country for the prime minister to be in exile,” said Osmani at a joint press conference on Thursday with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary PéterSzijjártó, in response to the media.

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