History will punish those who miss the historic opportunity ahead of us, says Osmani


I cannot say that the process won’t succeed, a month and a half is a long time in politics and a lot of great things can be done during this period. However, at the end, we will point out those who are going to gamble away this historic opportunity and who will be the reason for all consequences that befall the country as a result of the missed opportunity, said Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani regarding his expectations from the EU – Western Balkans Summit which will be held in December.

In answer to a journalist’s question, Osmani said the beginning of negotiations is the most difficult process and that he won’t stop working “until the last second”, because the country “has no alternative”.

“And that’s why, anyone who thinks of the people, mustn’t stop believing and trying to begin this process for which there is no alternative. However, sometimes we feel like Don Quixote, and we are fighting all the injustices that are trying to hinder the country,” said Osmani after the promotion of a commemorative postage stamp marking the country’s OSCE Chairpersonship and the upcoming Ministerial Council in Skopje.

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