Health Fund employees announce protest – they have the lowest salaries


The union of employees from the public administration UPOZ confirmed Monday through a press release that the workers from the Health Insurance Fund are going out to protest for higher salaries.
This reaction follows after the 2024 draft budget, which passed to the Government, did not foresee any salary increase for the employees, who are demanding an increase from MKD 7,500 to MKD 10,000.
The employees of the Health Insurance Fund of N. Macedonia have the lowest salaries of all state administration bodies. More than 50 percent of the employees, even with two of their salaries, cannot reach the minimum union basket, which now amounts to MKD 48,389.00.
Compared to other institutions, with which the Health Insurance Fund has similar or the same activity, the employees of the Health Fund have from 120 to 150 euros, a lower salary for the same job at the same level.

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