VMRO-DPMNE: Kovachevski is wasting taxpayers’ money in Belgrade, while his people are sinking into poverty


Kovachevski spends days on a wine excursion in Belgrade at the expense of the citizens, empty wine bottles, drinks and sings in bars, as if all things were sorted out in the country, and not that the whole of Macedonia is in chaos, VMRO-DPMNE stressed in a press release on Monday.
As if he is not the leader of the government that is galloping into debt for the next generations. He is rejoicing as if it is not experiencing record inflation that is causing the standard to collapse. As much as 46%, the basic expenses for citizens have become more expensive, three times more than in Europe. The number of citizens who are on the verge of poverty reaches 600 thousand, of which 80 thousand live in extreme poverty. The level of foreign investments is the lowest in the entire Balkans, but none of this prevents Kovachevski from partying like there’s no tomorrow,” said VMRO-DPMNE.
The 2024 draft-budget for next year weighs 5.5 billion euros. The Government characterizes it as a developmental and sustainable budget that has all the characteristics to simultaneously support development and ensure fiscal sustainability. According to the Government, it guarantees regular payment of salaries, pensions and social assistance, as well as meeting other needs of citizens and servicing the state’s obligations.

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