Kovachki: Government has not been able to deal with the safety and security of Macedonian prisons for half a year


There is no end to the incompetence of the Government led by SDSM and DUI. For half a year, the Government has not been able to handle the safety and security of the prisons in Macedonia. The Government has again voted to extend the state of crisis in the largest Idrizovo Prison and once again instead of employing professional prison police, the prison will be secured by the Army, pointed out VMRO-DPMNE MP Dragan Kovachki in a statement to the media from the Parliament rostrum on Monday.
“This is a precedent that is unbecoming to a NATO member state. The Government first made this decision on June 7, 2023, when it declared a 30-day state of crisis in the prison, then on July 26, with the votes of the MPs from the parliamentary majority, it extended it for three months, and now on November 7, it is extended again by a government decision for additional 30 days. They failed to solve this problem for 6 whole months and just like when the crisis was first declared, the problems are still there. There is lack of more than 100 prison police officers, there is no protective fence 5 kilometers long, there is no scanner for hand luggage, and there is no complete video surveillance. Such incompetence, such a precedent and damage to the image of a NATO member country has never been seen before. For the army to guard prisons, that is unheard of. In which NATO country, in which EU member or civilized country is this happening. This is a shame for a democracy. The army is not the police. The president of the country Pendarovski also agrees that the precedent will be even greater for these desperate decisions,” Kovachki stressed.

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