Government to expand the tariff block 3 for electricity consumption – even if less than 631 kilowatts is used, there will be a higher bill


Tariff blocks 3 and 4 for electricity will be expanded in response to the government’s remark by the IMF that the country spends a lot of money subsidizing electricity, said the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Fatmir Bytyqi on Monday.

He said those who spend less will pay less.

“We will expand tariff block 3, most likely also tariff block 4, so that the scope will be greater, for those who spend more. And, for the most vulnerable categories of citizens, for people who really save electricity, the tariff model should remain the same and the price of electricity or the possible price change should not fall on the burden of those who are in the first or second block ,” said Bytyqi.

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