The fire is still active, the Skopje team is here, waiting for teams from Veles and Kumanovo, the whole building might collapse, says Angelov


Around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, a fire report was received in the premises of Eurocom, where there are warehouses and a sales store, and among other things there was a large amount of paints and varnishes and other chemicals, said the director of the  Crisis Management Center (CMC) Stojanche Angelov in a press release on Wednesday.

“I spoke with the owner, it is a large amount, maybe 100 tons, and it is still not possible to determine exactly how many assets there were at the time of the fire, because some were sold in the previous period, but in any case, it is a large amount of chemical agents that have either been burned or will all be burned,” said Angelov.

The CMC head adds that after receiving the information about the fire, the firefighters from Tetovo came to the spot, and help was also requested from Skopje, Kumanovo and Veles.

The teams from Skopje are already on the ground, and those from Kumanovo and Veles should arrive at any given moment.

Angelov also says that there is a danger that the entire building would collapse at any moment.

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