Household electricity price to be determined by EVN-HOME instead of ERC


Instead of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) the new price of electricity for households and small consumers will be determined by EVN-HOME. The regulator will only have the obligation to make an inspection, but it is uncertain whether it will be able to intervene. This is foreseen by the new changes in the law on energy, which are in the process.

“We will no longer determine it in those ways, the price for households and small consumers will be announced by EVN HOME, and before that it will be given to the ERC for control, where it will be checked whether the tariff systems will be applied correctly. This is done in almost all countries, only us, Serbia and Kosovo remained where ERC announces the price of electricity,” said ERC president Marko Bislimovski.

The new price should be adopted by the end of the year, and be valid starting from January. The ERC announces that no changes will be made to the existing tariff blocks.


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