The new Rules of Procedure lead to a bicameral parliament, accuses Levica


The Levica opposition political party accused that the new Rules of Procedure of the Parliament that was passed could lead to a bicameral parliament because it legalizes bilingualism in the Parliament.
“The extremely harmful Rules of Procedure, which was voted by the joint coalition of SDS-DUI-DPMNE, apart from causing long-term consequences on democratic processes (where the participation of the opposition is limited and the powers of the Speaker are expanded) – it also legalizes the unconstitutional and forcibly introduced bilingualism in Parliament!
As many times in the past the Levica MPs have warned, the illegitimately elected Speaker Xhaferi introduced an unconstitutional practice in the Parliament, where all MPs receive bilingual materials. This violent behavior goes against the amendment V of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia and this dangerous irredentist tendency leads to a bicameral Parliament, which will completely destroy the sovereignty of the Republic!”, said the opposition party.

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