Lavrov accused the EU and the US of hypocrisy and walked out of the OSCE meeting


In his address at the 30th Ministerial Council of the OSCE, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the current developments in the Organization are not the right way to approach the European security issues, stressing that Western capitals, especially the EU and the USA, are undermining the work of the OSCE.

Furthermore, Lavrov says that Europe has a problem with facts and objectivity, and that the conclusions that will be adopted at the OSCE these two days are prepared in advance, wanting to say that they are not the result of political dialogue. He accused the OSCE of being silent when the freedom of the media in Western countries is threatened and repression is carried out on them, and he attacks Russia for that, and that Moscow’s requests to discuss neo-Nazi movements throughout Europe and in Ukraine are constantly rejected in the Organization.

With the message that “neo-Nazis are welcome in the EU”, Lavrov concluded that there was no room for optimism and that the OSCE had become a mouthpiece for Western countries, after which he walked out of the meeting.

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