Kovachki: Does MoI have information that the vehicle of the person killed in Veles was driven around Skopje three days before the kidnapping and murder of the teenage girl?


VMRO-DPMNE MP Dragan Kovachki pointed out at a press conference that even after 48 hours of the questions asked, there is complete silence from the Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski, whose purpose is to clarify the dilemma of whether the murder of the girl could have been prevented.

“Spasovski is silent and does not answer whether the vehicle of the murdered Panche (Zhezhovski, 74 years old from Veles), with which Vanja (Gjorcheska, a 14-year-old pupil from Skopje) was kidnapped, was moving on the streets of Skopje for three days. This is important because if the Ministry of Interior (MoI) had issued a central notice for the vehicle, it would have been found as soon as it was registered by the Safe City system, and Panche’s murderers would have been caught, that is, Vanja’s murder might not have happened,” Kovachki said.

According to the opposition official, it is unknown why a central warrant was not issued, because already on November 22, the family reported the disappearance of Zhezhovski and his vehicle.

“Spasovski must answer clearly and without politicizing whether the murdered man’s vehicle entered Skopje from the direction of Veles on November 24, about 15 minutes before 7:00 a.m., and whether it was moving through November 27 – the day of Vanja’s murder – Skopje, without the police arresting the murderers?” asked Kovachki.


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