Lloga believes that Palevski will be extradited relatively quickly, but says it is too early to tell


The Macedonia Minister of Justice Krenar Lloga hopes that Ljupco Palevski, the prime suspect in the murders of Vanja Gjorchevska and Panche Zhezhovski, will be extradited from Turkey to the country relatively quickly, but, he said, it is too early to tell because not all legal remedies have been used yet.

He expects that in the coming week, Turkey will take the requests sent by N. Macedonia into the procedure.

“We expect him to be sent to Macedonia relatively quickly, but we need to see if he will use all the legal remedies and if the system in Turkey will allow it to be the way we requested. Documents were sent several times – via DHL, electronically, via our MFA and the Embassy,” Lloga said.

On December 7, the Macedonian Ministry of Justice sent the request for extradition of Ljupcho Palevski. The request for extradition followed Palevski’s arrest on December 5 in Turkey, after an international warrant was issued for him the day before as a suspect in two crimes – abduction and two brutal murders.

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