SDSM thinks Talat Xhaferi is an appropriate, good solution as caretaker PM


We think that Talat Xhaferi is an appropriate, good solution, SDSM Member of Parliament Daniela Markoska said in response to a reporter’s question if her party would endorse DUI-nominated current Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi as caretaker prime minister ahead of the spring elections. Speaking at a press conference Saturday, Markoska also said the SDSM leadership was set to convene Sunday and name fellow party member Jovan Mitreski as caretaker parliament speaker.

Asked what if VMRO-DPMNE refused to be part of the caretaker government led by Xhaferi, she said “this will not work for DPMNE, if they are looking for an alibi for their upcoming defeat in the elections.”

“We have seen DPMNE’s destructive policies, obstructions, their attempts to bring the country to a stalemate, to block Parliament, for years,” Markoska said.


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