The Safe City system located the vehicle with which Vanja was kidnapped


The Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski is obliged to answer the Macedonian public why on December 4th, during his press conference, he lied that the vehicle of the murdered Veles resident Panche Zhezhovski, with which the 14-year-old Vanja Gjorchevska was later kidnapped in Skopje, was not registered in the Safe City camera system before November 27th, i.e. before the day of the murder, VMRO-DPMNE MP Dragan Kovachki told a press briefing on Sunday.

“We are publicly asking Minister Spasovski if the vehicle was registered on the cameras before November 27th, that is, on November 24th at 6:30 at the entrance to Skopje near the Madzari settlement on the bridge near Agroservis? Furthermore, was the vehicle observed by the cameras of the Safe City system at the same location the following day, on November 25 at 9:15 p.m.? Finally, was the vehicle spotted on the cameras on that fateful day on November 27 at 7:42 in the morning near the Aleksandar Palace hotel and the village of Zlokukjani, and how is it possible for that vehicle to pass unchecked through the most secured location in Macedonia at that moment, and perhaps also in the region due to the immediate preparations of the OSCE Council,” said Kovachki.


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