Politics and hate speech by radical structures can result in tragic consequences, claim Pendarovski


Macedonian President  said the recent gruesome double murder has brought to light the fact that some of the radical structures are not only active in the country, but their politics and hate speech can result in tragic consequences, the President’s Office said in a press release on Monday.

Pendarovski highlighted that the time of growing nationalism is not bypassing the country, and unfortunately, more and more often we are witnessing nationalist provocations coming from certain political and religious circles, with the sole aim of disrupting the country’s stability and undermining the democratic order by imposing their worldview.

“A good part of these attacks are the result of propaganda campaigns by foreign actors, or their direct infiltration and support of radical political organizations. The recent tragic event that ended with a gruesome double murder brought to the surface the neglected fact that some of these radical structures are not only active in our country, but their politics and hate speech can result in tragic consequences. That is why I believe that the primary task of all democratic political structures is to strengthen the resilience of institutions and continuous fight against extremists, with no daily political calculations,” Pendarovski said late Sunday addressing a conference on Human Rights Day – December 10, organized by the Agency for community rights realization (ACCR) and the OSCE Mission in Skopje.

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