Mexhiti publishes job ads, while the MoH does not care of investing in staff, doctors have been waiting for years to get the specialists’ status


One of those institutions is PHI Health Center Kriva Palanka, where although there is a shortage of several specialists, there are also a few who have been waiting for several years to receive the status as specialists, but due to the incompetence and carelessness of the authorities, their status has not been resolved. It is about 4 specialists who are waiting for a suitable place after completing specialization/subspecialization, including specialists who have been waiting for several years.

All four have been referred by PHI Health Center with state specialization to date they do not have work assignments, and the institution has not done anything to register their activity.

Such carelessness is the reason for the demotivation of the staff, and some of them are already leaving the institution because they have been waiting for a long time to get a suitable position, the VMRO-DPMNE Health Commission said in a Facebook post on Wednesday.


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