Computed tomography equipment is being installed in the Kochani General Hospital


Computed tomography is provided in cooperation with the Clinic for Neurology in Skopje, and it will work within the framework of the X-ray department, where rooms were previously adapted to meet the necessary conditions for its functioning.

For the renovation and adaptation of the space for computer tomography, we have invested our own funds of about MKD 1.1 million, we have secured six x-ray technologists and a nurse who these days will have a short training in working with the equipment, and we will also use the consulting services of an expert from Skopje. In agreement with the Fund, doctors from the hospital in Shtip also come as needed. To meet the needs of patients, we will introduce 24-hour on-call. Our goal is to start using the device in the shortest possible period,” said DushankaGorgievaTrpevski, acting director of the General Hospital in Kochani.

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