After proving that SDS is a party condemned as a source of slander and lies, it should apologize for the manipulations and black campaigns, says opposition


-And the captured judiciary of the government confirmed that the slanders about VMRO-DPMNE leader Mickoski spread by SDS are lies. The theses that SDS spread through their channels about a house allegedly owned by party leaderMickoski worth a million euros are pure lies, the court confirmed that. The source of those fake news and slander lost a dispute in court, the lies of SDS are so big that even their judiciary cannot save them, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release on Thursday.

“The SDS has been spreading lies for days about the party leader’s supposed assets and manipulating the public, just like many times before, about supposed hydro plants and businesses, which they also lost in court. SDS slanders and spreads lies, the entire operation of the party in recent years has been put into the function of defaming party leader Mickoski with gross manipulations and heavy fabrications,” the largest opposition party added.

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