Victims and families of victims in theLaskarcibus crash demand harshest punishment for the accused


Damaged victims, parents and relatives of those who died in the bus traffic accident near Laskarcion Thursday in the Skopje Basic Criminal Court in their closing statements demanded a conviction with the harshest punishment for the six defendants.

JasminaMihajlovska, one of the injured in the accident, demanded justice for the sixteen people who, as she said, did not have her good fortune.

“Because of the accident, I have a broken spine and I will never be able to walk normally. Luckily I stayed alive. If not for me, for those 16 souls who didn’t have my luck, I demand that all six defendants be convicted,” Mihajlovska said.

BlagojcheTrpevski, the father of JovicaTrpevski that died in the traffic accident, asked for the strictest punishment, as he said, in order to prevent such a tragedy from happening again in the future and for future generations to learn a lesson.

“Nothing will bring our children back, we are aware of that, even though our lives, the lives of our entire family, has turned into hell. Nothing can compensate for our tragedy, not materially, or I don’t know anything. All six accused have pleaded not guilty. I am asking how it happened and how this accident resulted in the death of 16 innocent people,” said Trpevski.

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