VMRO-DPMNE Culture Committee: The SharAnhotel case is a real picture of the alarming situation in culture


While the VMRO – DPMNE Culture Committee is constantly alarming and demanding that decisive measures be taken to protect the cultural heritage and, above all, the protection of the cultural treasures of the Skopje Bazaar, the Government has once again demonstrated its lack of interest, inertness and ineffectiveness in cases with prevention and prevention of criminal – profiteering plans of their party cadres and collaborators from the coalition partners, said the committee on Thursday.

“The criminal demolition of the SharAn hotel in the old city center, whose existence is historically dated from the XV century, and whose monumental origins date even further back, in the XI century, is a case that we have been appealing for all year. The involvement of the staff of the SDSM and its coalition partners organized in a criminal gang seems really frightening,” added the opposition committee.

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