Bytyqi: No government has ever done this – over EUR 2 billion to support citizens and companies


We returned over 2 billion euros of funds to the citizens and companies with the nine sets of anti-crisis measures, no government since independence has done anything like this, said SDSM deputy leader Fatmir Bytyqi at the “More for all!” forum held in Kichevo on Sunday.
“Through the Energy Poverty Program, a million euros have been earmarked for financial support for over 5,000 families. Here is also the electricity subsidy measure, which enables 90% subsidy and protects family budgets from price shock on the bills. With this, we are directly protecting the family budget of 611,000 households and 68,000 small consumers, for which it is estimated that 35 million euros will be needed,” said the deputy leader of the ruling party SDSM.

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