Miteva: European friends are invisible, and due to crime and corruption at the top of the government, Macedonia did not start EU negotiations


The Government led by Kovachevski and Ahmeti has only one strong point – it successfully knows how to go from one mistake to another. But the failure is great, that fatal mistake from the permissive foreign policy they led cost Macedonia a new seat. And again, it is not on the EU table, but in the waiting room. Senior European officials believe that Macedonia is not ready to start negotiations with the EU, not because of Bulgaria, but because of the high level of crime and corruption at the top of the government, said spokesperson of opposition VMRO-DPMNE Marija Miteva at a press conference on Sunday.
“The core of the problem is the lack of the rule of law, due to the rule of crime and failure to deal with corruption. The Social Democratic Union and DUI thought they would be able to hide it behind the name they gave themselves – a pro-European government,” Miteva said.

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