The 500 new party hires in ESM will not save the Government from the election cataclysm, says opposition


The ESM’s call for over 500 new party jobs in this institution is just a desperate attempt by Kovachevski, Ahmeti, Grubi and Spasovski to soften the defeat as much as they can in the elections in May, which awaits them, said the largest opposition party VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Wednesday.
“An advertisement for employment for over 500 people, in only one institution and only one month after the establishment of the technical government, is nothing but a classic attempt to employ party soldiers, where the salaries for these announced positions range from 30 to 60 thousand denars.
If the people don’t understand why we haven’t started the negotiations for joining the EU, this is a textbook example, how aside from corruption and crime, and with such moves, the credibility of the state is being destroyed,” the opposition party added.

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