Mijalche Mishko Ivanov and Nenad Georgievski awarded this year’s Mito Hadzhivasilev-Jasmin Award


Journalist Mijalche Mishko Ivanov and non-fiction author Nenad Georgievski at a ceremony in Parliament on Thursday received the 2023 Mito Hadzhivasilev-Jasmin National Award, an annual prize that champions exceptional journalism and nonfiction.

The chairperson of the Awarding Board was Zoran Bojarovski.

Nenad Georgievski pointed out that he was honored and pleased to receive this award and emphasized that in the future he will continue his efforts to make his own contribution to culture and society and everything he sees outside the country will be beautifully presented here.

After receiving the award, Mishko Ivanov reminded that this year marks 10 years since his show “The Road to Success” but also 25 years as he steps on the path of journalism.

He added that he wished to see the country on the road to success, to make a show in which the country will be a successful country.

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