The man who was snowed in with the two dogs of Kozhuf was rescued, says CMC


The person, who appeared to be “cut off” by the snow, in a summer house above the village of Radnja, in the village of Gatenovo on Mount Kozhuv, who first refused help in the offered off-road possible transportation with a four-wheeled off-road vehicle (4×4), because he did not know what to do with his two dogs, was successfully rescued and evacuated to his home in Kavadarci on Tuesday.
“The Regional CMC Kavadarci reports that a team from the Winter Service for the maintenance of streets and roads of the Municipality of Kavadarci yesterday with a tractor with specialized equipment – a knife for cutting trees, and an all-terrain 4×4 vehicle organized and carried out an action to extract the person who was snowed in in the locality Getenovo, and they had with them a man who knows the terrain well, because it is a mountainous terrain outside the village, where there are only holiday homes at a great distance from each other. The road to get there is dirt, and the height of the snow cover is about half a meter, and there were many broken branches and trees from the weight of the snow that obstructed the mountain dirt road,” said the Crisis Management Center (CMC).

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