Electricity shut down in the Tetovo high school with 1300 students for two days, no classes held for the time being


The high school “Kiril Pejchnovikj” in Tetovo has been left without electricity supply for two days now, so there’s no heating in the premises and classes are not held as a result.

According to the information of the students’ parents, the electricity supply was interrupted on Wednesday, and the problem is also being faced in the central building, as well as in the building known as “Old Medicine”.

There is no electricity, and therefore no heating in the schools. The electricity was still out yesterday, so the children returned home earlier. Today, in the first shift, they left for classes, but returned home again because they do not have the conditions to follow classes, parents of students in the Tetovo high school inform.

School principal Teuta Lala informed Thursday that the electricity supply was disconnected from the electricity distribution company due to an unpaid debt. Since July 2023, the “Kiril Pejchinovikj” high school is under the authority of the Ministry of Education and Science.

About 1,300 students attend classes at this Tetovo high school.

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