Kovachevski threatened to flee to America if the French proposal did not pass


Exclusive information about the behavior of Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski when carrying the French proposal was revealed by Pavle Trajanov, the leader of the Democratic Union (DS).
In a conversation in the Parliament about Pavle Trajanov’s proposed conclusions, Talat Xhaferi organized a meeting, which was attended by Dimitar Kovachevski, Ali Ahmeti, Bujar Osmani and Artan Grubi. Osmani convinced Pavle Trajanov that there was no other international conference, besides the one that was being held now, and negotiations would start immediately. Ahmeti asked Osmani for his opinion about Pavle Trajanov’s views. Grubi proposed to accept the conclusions of Pavle Trajanov. At that moment, Kovachevski stood up and said: “If you accept the conclusions, I do not want to put Foreign Minister Osmani in a difficult position, in that case I will collect my things and flee to America,” Kovachevski told those attending the meeting.

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