With DPMNE, there will be no EU membership even in 100 years, says PM Kovachevski


All those who block the European path, deprive the Macedonian citizens of the opportunity to live with dignity, said SDSM leader and Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski on Saturday.
He believes that the country was isolated during the reign of VMRO-DPMNE.
“Then we were together with Croatia and even took the lead, and today Croatia is a member of the EU, and we have started negotiations with the EU. Many years and many generations lost. We must not allow that to happen again. There is no future with DPMNE, no membership in the EU even in 100 years, and Mickoski said that very clearly, publicly, on television. He himself confirmed that they have no intention of continuing the European path. As he said, ‘it may be a hundred years’, and ‘it may never be’. And that is why it is clear that if VMRO-DPMNE takes power, the country is condemned to isolation, the same as we have seen for 11 years, with the consequences now being disproportionately greater and to the detriment of the citizens,” says the Macedonian PM.

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