Democratic Union: DUI and SDSM must not block the election of a SEC member


The Democratic Union (DS) political party urges DUI and SDSM not to block the election of a member of the State Election Commission (SEC) supported by the opposition political parties of the Albanians, as this is a legal obligation.

The Alliance for Albanians has been part of the parliamentary majority for a year and participates with ministers in the Government and other echelons and has no legal basis to propose, that is, support a candidate for a member of the SEC. The decisions of the Electoral Code are clear and the obstructions from DUI and SDSM point to a possible scenario for violating the election rules and contesting the election results. We call on the Commission for Elections and Appointments to act in accordance with the laws and not to be part of the scenario of blocking the completion of the SEC,” said the DS.

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