Minimum wage in March will be between MKD 22,500 and MKD 23,000, says Trenchevska


Between 22,500 and 23,000 will be the minimum wage as of March 2024. If we take how much it was in 2022 and how much it is now, we have over seven thousand, almost eight thousand denars increase in a year and a half of the minimum wage, said the Macedonian Minister of Labor and Social Policy Jovana Trenchevska in Telma’s “Top Topic” political show.
The minister added that ‘if we go back to 2017, when the minimum wage was MKD 10,000, now the increase has more than doubled.’
“We have a systemic solution for the minimum wage. As the cost of living and the average wage rise, so will the minimum wage. You can see the results of that. The average wage is constantly growing and when we don’t have inflation, and the average salary is growing, it means that we will have an increase in the minimum wage again,” Trenchevska said.

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