Mickoski and DPMNE did nothing for the citizens in 2023, except block and obstruct


At the end of 2023, it will be noted that Mickoski and DPMNE did nothing good, nothing useful, literally nothing for the citizens and the state. Throughout 2023, DPMNE and Mickoski hindered the state and blocked the laws in the Parliament that are in the interest of all citizens, said the ruling SDSM party in a press release on Sunday.

“Even in the Report of the European Commission, it was clearly indicated that DPMNE and Mickoski are the hinderers of reforms, progress and the European path. Although we had a successful screening, although we have huge international support and open doors in the EU, we do not continue with the opening of chapters due to the blockade of the European road by DPMNE and Mickoski,” claims the ruling party.

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