Albanian soldiers sign themselves up as Macedonians to get a job in the Ministry of Defense


VMRO-DPMNE MP Dragan Kovachki revealed a new scandal on Tuesday involving the Ministry of Defense and the Army of Macedonia.

In order to be accepted as professional soldiers, Albanians pretended to be Macedonians and thus took the places of candidates who were Macedonians, Kovachki accused.

“There is party calculation here, and it is primarily due to party agreements and the attempts of those who have broken up from SDS to court the greens from DUI in order to go to the elections with joint lists,” added the opposition official.

“Slavjanka Petrovska should know that the defense of the state does not tolerate improvisations and circumvention of the laws. In order to save the permanently incompetent Kovachevski from a debacle, he must not please his bosses from DUI and play with filling the army with staff to whom he will entrust the defense of the country, who were admitted to the work in the Ministry of Defense,” said Kovachki.



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