Christmas celebrations at the Bigorski Monastery begin Thursday morning


With the blessing of Bishop Antaniski, Mr. Parthenius Igumen of the Holy Bigorski Family, the Christmas celebrations according to the Julian calendar by which the MOC-OA is governed, begin in the early hours Thursday morning.

According to tradition, a large presence of Orthodox believers from all parts of the country is expected in the Bigorski Monastery, some of them are already accommodated in the monastery lodgings.

On Thursday (January 4th) at 6:30 a.m., Morning and Divine Liturgy will be celebrated in memory of Saint Naum Ohridski, the patron of the Macedonian Orthodox Church.

In accordance with the church’s liturgical typology, the service of St. Naum is transferred from Friday to Thursday, because on Friday the Divine Liturgy is not served, but the Imperial Hours.


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