Visitors to Dojran are left without water for three days during New Year’s holidays


The municipality of Dojran, on the shore of the lake of the same name on the very southern border with Greece, at the height of the tourist boom, left the residents of this municipality and all its tourists without water for three days.

The local opposition branches react that the local government, which belongs to the party that leads the Government, during the New Year and Christmas holidays, when the tourist facilities in the Municipality of Dojran are usually filled to the maximum, allowed the numerous guests to be without water supply for three days.

“The reason for this disaster, which must not happen and no citizen of Macedonia should have to deal with it, is the complete neglect of the water supply system by Angov and SDS. After the failure of their attempt to privatize the water supply system, which was prevented by the citizens of Dojran who voted against this proposal in a referendum in 2020, Angov and SDS gave up and did not invest in this system at all, and therefore such failures where people are without water for days, it happens more and more often,” said opposition VMRO-DPMNE.

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