Tasevski: 20 to 30 M-NAV air traffic controllers and their assistants are expected to resign


Twenty to thirty air traffic controllers and their assistants working for the Macedonian Navigation (M-NAV) are expected to start resigning from their management positions in M-NAV, the president of the Macedonian Air Traffic Controllers’ Association (MATCA) AleksandarTasevskiannounced at a press conference on Thursday.

Tasevski explains that the resignations are to support the trade union activities and reactions to the last job announcement in this institution.

The association does not exclude, as he said, the possibility of a strike, but it will not be in the next few days.

“I believe that this time, according to the way things are going, it will not be a strike of air traffic controllers, but of all employees of Macedonian Navigation. If it is organized, it will be for the total closure of all the departments that the institution has,” Tasevski said.

He assessed that the employment competition was violated on many grounds and announced that a procedure for contesting it would be initiated. They also expect reactions from the candidates who were rejected at the competition.

According to Tasevski, the criminal complaint against him by two of the directors in M-NAV is “pressure to give up the activities to protect professionalism and stop clientelism and unnecessary and non-essential employment”.

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