Arsovska announces a new political party


Skopje Mayor Danela Arsovska confirmed that she is preparing to form a political party. On Thursday evening, in an interview with TV 21, she was asked if she was thinking about forming a political party, and answered in the affirmative. She pointed out that the process is ongoing, but did not directly answer whether that party can be expected to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections in May this year.
“We are in the process of showing the citizens that it can be different from the past 30 years when these two political elites only change their positions, but remain with the same views and can’t wait to take the post and continue to do the same thing that they previously said against that they will fight. If I can show that it can be done differently, I believe that with all the people who support me, I will be able to show much more,” said Arsovska.

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