(VIDEO) BorkoNaumovski was cheated by the Innovation Fund – after investing money, he is now being asked to return it – EUR 30 thousand!


BorkoNaumovski, who is known as a world traveler, recently decided to return to Macedonia and invest in our country by opening a company through a grant from the Innovation Fund.

After a certain period, more precisely in the New Year, he received a notification that he has to pay a fine of a dizzying 30 thousand euros because the administration does not function as it says in the country and they did not check whether he had done any projects or not.

“I received a New Year’s card of -30,000 euros from the innovative fund for small businesses, congratulations to me for doubling my debts for a project/product that is already sold (has been realized) and they are too lazy to check it they claim that I have not realized it. Please watch, comment, and share this video. This is a serious matter and I need FB support!”, reads his post on Facebook.


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