Kovachevski: This year will be better than the previous one, single-digit unemployment in 2025


This year will be better than the previous one, the growth of wages, pensions and the number of employees will continue, and I expect 2025 to be the first year when the country will have single-digit unemployment, Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski said Thursday.

The PM expects that the country will maintain its place as a significant destination for foreign investors who will not come for cheap and abundant labor.

“The number of unemployed in 2016 was 25 percent, and now it is already 12.8 percent, the average salary is 650 euros, which is significantly more than it was, and the minimum salary of MKD 8,000, in March of this year it will become MKD 23,000,” added the prime minister, asked by reporters after visiting the Clinic for Orthopedic Diseases.

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