Mexhiti and Kovachevski should visit ICU and Urology and tell why nothing has been done in seven years, says opposition


The VMRO-DPMNE Health Committee said in a Facebook post that the Minister of Health Mexhiti and PM Kovachevski should visit the Intensive Care Unit and the Urology clinic and explain why nothing has been done with these clinics in the past seven years.

“Since they are visiting the Orthopedics clinic for opening an already “open” operating room, for which this is the fifth or sixth “opening” and photo op, we encourage Kovachevski and Mexhiti to visit the ICU to see the conditions for the treatment of patients and the conditions in that the health workers work at this clinic where the most complex cases are treated. We invite them to give an account of what they have done in these 8 years to improve the situation, it is more than clear that no finger has been lifted here. There is also chaos in the outpatient department of Urology, where waiting lines and pushchairs are undignified and humiliating for patients as a result of poor management organization,” reads the Facebook post of the largest opposition party.

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