PPO files charges against the owner of the farm near Amzabegovo


The state labor inspectors, after the extraordinary inspections, determined that no appropriate measures were taken in accordance with the regulations in the field of safety and health at work, in connection with the accident at work of two workers on 08.01.2024 in a farm near the village of Amzabegovo in Sveti Nikole.

According to the investigators, the employer allowed access to the workers O.T. and S.J. at workplaces where they were exposed to serious and specific dangers, and they did not receive special work instructions, danger signs, warning signs and mandatory behavior signs were not placed in the workplace, and adequate personal protective equipment was not provided.

“Based on the established factual situation, a criminal report will be submitted to the competent Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office for further action,” said the Public Prosecutor’s Office (PPO).

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