Three apartments and a garage confiscated from Sasho Mijalkov became the property of his son’s company


Jordan Mijalkov’s company, Best Way Investment, is the new owner of the three apartments and a garage in the Vodno settlement, confiscated from his father, former UBK director Sasho Mijalkov, in the “Empire” case.

This property was sold last November at public auction through the Foreclosed Property Management Agency. Previously, three real estates from Mijalkov’s property were sold, in the total amount of MKD 15,000,500 or EUR 244,000.

The owner of Best Way Investment is Sasho’s older son, Jordan Mijalkov. The company was established in the fall of 2015, at the height of the political crisis, due to the publication of wiretapped materials for which Sasho Mijalkov was accused as the head of UBK.

The “Empire” case has been ongoing since 2018, for criminal conspiracy, damaging or favoring creditors, abuse of office and authority, fraud and money laundering and other proceeds of crime.

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