Forty percent of Kumanovo elementary school pupils reported bullying


A large increase in peer violence in elementary schools in Kumanovo was shown by the survey among pupils, which was conducted by the Municipal Council for the Prevention of Child Delinquency in Kumanovo at the end of last year. Out of a total of 840 students surveyed, as many as 318 reported bullying, reported

The collected data shows an enormous increase in bullying cases by two to three times. A survey was conducted in all elementary schools and included pupils from the 6th to the 9th grade.

“We found that peer violence is on the rise. From the surveyed 840 students from 13 schools, the results show 318 reported cases of bullying. The Department of Education immediately gave instructions for taking active measures by professional services in schools. But we, as a council, have directions where we should pay more attention and organize workshops and lectures in specific schools,” said Lila Mladenovska, president of the Council for the Prevention of Child Delinquency in Kumanovo.

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